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How the gambling industry is going right now is dependent upon which you ask.  Steve Wynn, the Las Vegas casino boss, has stated in the last week that it is not healthy while he was in Carson City, Nevada.  Wynn went on to say that the gaming industry is faced with a major health problem at the moment.

It is reported that he will be seeing officials in Nevada to go over business matters.   He said that he was visiting that day to express some of his views of the current gaming industry and that he wants them to learn and understand the outlook on this industry to make the right decisions for the future.

Wynn’s statements are mostly directed towards Nevada but also refer to the industry in a whole and came about shortly before the American Gaming Association of which Wynn Resorts is not associated with, released their report for the year.  This report has stated that United States commercial casinos have taken in $37.34 billion from gamblers in the last year, the second highest all-time mark.  Opposed to Wynn, the AGA is reported to say that the current industry is healthy.

Frank Fahrenkopf, president and CEO of the AGA has stated that with three years of growth and good reports in all sectors of the industry that it is apparent that the industry has survived the recession.  He is also reported to say in a conference call on Monday that the future of the U.S. commercial gaming industry looks promising.  We can more than likely assume that Wynn and Fahrenkopf are in agreement that the growth of brick-and-mortar casinos will be taken outside of Nevada with the online gambling industry following closely behind.

The AGA has stated that they have concluded studies in the effects that online poker will have on Land Casino Businesses.  The launch of the first legal online poker site in Nevada by Ultimate Poker came out last week while the American Gaming Association published its land gambling State of the States report that has the news that the Association has been studying what kind of effects online gambling will have once legalized.  Frank Fahrenkopf, chief of the AGA has reported that the assessment for the next year will also have online poker for the first time.

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It is uncertain how much will be added to Nevada’s revenue for 2013 although it is not likely to take revenue from the other gaming streams.  Fahrenkopf has advised that they did Internet poker studies, once legal in Nevada, to test of it would cannibalize land-based casinos.  It was concluded that the demographic of higher income young men, those of which would not go to a casino, will be the new center of profit for the online gambling. 

Fahrenkopf has pointed out the known fact that for online gambling to be a real money-maker it has to bring lots of players which is concerning for states of smaller populations such as Nevada.  The need is for shared player pool agreements between legalizing states. 

These agreements would require approval of Congress which has not changed their legalization decisions despite multiple attempts on both sides of the political fence.  States’ rights is a sensitive issue whenever it is brought about and readers remember the Nevada Legislature passed a law recently that allows the governor to enter negotiations for inter-state compacts on online poker which could bring about an interesting federal government reaction if applied.

The England-based online gambling software developer Realistic Games has overcome the competition for signing a deal supplying content for online gaming to Paddy Power mobile games sites was reported on Wednesday.  The HTML games that are included are blackjack, roulette, seven 3-reel ones and five 5-reel slots along with more being offered throughout the year.  All these games are created for iPads and iPhones along with Android tablets and phones.

These 14 games are to include the popular slots Tutankhamun, Pirate Radio, Bullseye and Pentagram, Snakes and ladders.  They are being distributed on Realistic Games in-house ReGaL server by an Openbet RGI integration.  Andy Harris, the company’s commercial director is reported to say that Realistic Management is thrilled and that this goes well with their plans to partner with other industry-leading world operators, with Paddy Power being one of the most powerful.  They share Realistic Games belief that mobile gaming is the future in e-gaming success.

Paddy Power has employed a marketing campaign supporting this launch.  Flash Games will also be provided by Realistic Games to Paddy Power on their PC Games site.  Realistic Games, being based out of Wantage, Oxfordshire, specialize in the creation of blackjack, roulette, fixed odds and slots games for many mobile devices and PCs.  Most being hosted on the company’s ReGaL games platform and are accessed by customers via an easy integration. 

Worldwide Casino Gaming News

Growth in financial problems for Dutch state-owned Holland Casino are being reported by the ANP News Agency stating the casino is reporting a loss of £652,000 in the last year and things have been getting increasingly worse in the last few months.  The soon to be privatized organization has been experiencing declining numbers in visitors and may not be able to meet agreements they made with the banks earlier this year.  Visitor reports have fallen 2 percent in the last year along with the average spending falling by £2 to £ 96.

The company has said they will be cutting about 400 out of 3,000 jobs for some cost-cutting.  Their focus is on reducing costs farther and creating more effective operations for the organization as stated by Dick Flink this week.  With years of opposing in online gambling recently, The Dutch government is starting to move to a licensed and regulated online gambling system and has a current draft bill in review and is set to be presented to parliament this year.  It was revealed in February this year that the draft measure includes proposals that merit farther debate, including a higher tax rate of 29 percent on GGR, as reported previously.

A Request for Proposals was issued by the Holland Casino at the same time, that calls for online gambling providers with experience to come about and take part in a free-to-play site before the end of 2013 with result in converting it into a real-money activity when the legislation has passed by the politicians.  The RFP result announcement was scheduled for the middle of 2013 but the casino cancelled its tender a month after closing which left the industry to wonder what was happening behind closed doors.  Among the Dutch government spokesmen statements is one that gives the thought that the Dutch may be contemplating emulating the Danish regulatory model.

The arraignments of 57 Florida defendants are facing charges for operating Allied Veterans of the World scandal in internet café gambling and have brought the lack of knowledge of previous state laws to light.  One of the defense lawyer’s purposes was to show that multiple key experts believe no offence was committed.  Not guilty pleas have been submitted by all 57 defendants.  The lawyer from Jacksonville, Kelly Mathis, was said to be the mastermind in the Allied Veterans enterprise while his attorney announced having a list of witnesses that includes former state Agricultural Commissioner Charles Bronson, former U.S. Senator George LeMieux and former Florida Democratic Party chair Scott Maddox.

This list also names the Clay, Columbia, Leon, St. Johns and Suwanee county Sheriffs and multiple prosecutors that include Dave Aronberg, the Palm Beach County State Attorney.  The legal representative for Mathis and other lawyers are saying that the internet cafes were locations where patrons could gain access to the Internet and play games that were sweepstakes-like that are not any different than games in fast food chains. 

They are stating that the law enforcement people and the politicians on this list have been contacted due to having analyzed the law and have concluded that Mathis has not done anything wrong.  Mathis’ attorney, Mitchell Stone has been reported to say that they have listed multiple witnesses who have been known to be knowingly involved and were in understanding that Mr. Mathis knew what the law for sweepstakes promotions was.  Florida Legislature has issued a total ban of storefront operations once the investigation of Allied Veterans was made public in March.

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